10 points up for grabs.?

Question:Create a ultimate wrestlemania card with the wrestlers of today.

It can be up to 8 matches or less.
And please be creative with them.


How Can I Become Flexible?!?!?


1. 400 Yard Dash

Mark Henry vs. The Great Khali vs. Big Show vs. Umaga

2. Step Ladder Match

Hornswoggle vs. Tazz

3.Triple Threat Tag Maatch

J.R. and Jerry Lawler vs. Tazz and Joey Stles vs. Micheal Cole and JBL

4.Muscle Flex Contest

Batista vs. Scott Steiner vs. Lasley vs. Chris Masters

5. Handicap Match

Zach Gowen vs. Emando Estrada

6.3 Stages of Hell

UnderTaker vs. Sting- Last Rites Match Casket Match Hell in a Cell

Did you know these were available?

MITB- RVD, Punk, Finlay, Edge, London, Kendrick, Carlito, Super Crazy
2nd Tag match- The Hardys vs. Cryme Tyme (Title Match)
3rd Two on One Handicap match- Umaga and Estrada vs Vince (No Holds Barred)
4th Match- Women's title- Mickie James vs. Melina vs. Victoria vs. Maria vs. Asley vs. Candice (Elimination Match)
5th Match- World Heavyweight champ Undertaker vs. Kane vs. Batista
6th Match- WWE vs. ECW- Dreamer, Sabu, Striker(ECW) vs. Ric Flair, Deuce and Domino (WWE)
7th match- WWE title- John Cena vs. Missssterrrrrrr Kennedy


Oooppss..and, What did Randy Orton do?

Raw, Smackdown, ECW, and Mister Carlos present


First Match: CM Punk vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Rob Van Dam vs Elijah Burke vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Sabu= Extreme Rules Elimination Match for the ECW World Title

Second Match: Jimmy Wang Yang/ Super Crazy vs. Hardys- Ladder Match For World Tag Titles

Third Match: Mickie James, Maria, and Candice Michelle vs. Melina, Victoria, and Jillian Hall

Fourth: Randy Orton vs Edge- I quit Match

Fifth: Kane and Boogeyman Vs Deuce and Domino for WWE Tag Titles

Sixth: Chris Benoit vs MVP vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Rey Misterio for the US title

Seventh: HHH vs John Cena= Last Man standing for WWE Title

Eighth: Undertaker Vs HBK for World Heavyweight title

World wrestling entertainment?

match 1
Umaga vs Khali Hell in Cell loser leaves the WWE

Match 2
Fatal 4 Way for the Womens belt
Melina vs Mickie vs Victoria vs Ariel

Match 3
CM Punk vs Elijah Burke

Match 4
Tag Team Unification
Hardy's vs Duce and Dominoe

Match 5
Kane vs Batista vs Mark Henry for number 1 contender

Match 6
Orton vs Edge

Match 7
RVD vs Lashley vs Sabu vs Dreamer vs Sandman vs Snitsky in an Extreme Elimination Chamber for the ECW title

Match 8
Championship Match
Cena vs Triple H

Cena shouldd got to tna and bet sam joe?

looks like that cham.. character got the points, sad gits

Which wrestler or wrestlers in your opinion are the most overrated in the WWE?

kave vs undertaker vs jeff hardy vs cm punk vs rvd vs the great kahli vs ric flair vs rey mysterio
wwe championship match armageddon hell in the cell

john cena vs umaga vs edge vs the major bothers vs mr mcmahon
six man cruiserweight championship match extreme rules

chavo vs rey vs scotty 2 hotty vs jimmy wang yang vs matt hardy vs boogeyman vs gregory
ecw championship fatal 4 way extreme rules

rvd vs sabu vs sandman vs tommy dreamer

Number One Contenders Extreme Battle Royal Match for the ECW Championship, who would win?

1.Little vs Little Match

Hornswoggle v Little Boogeyman

2.MITB Ladder Match

All the Referees...Raw and Smackdown (For a change)

3.Comentator Tag Team Match

Joey Styles and Tazz v Michael Cole and Jbl v Jim Ross and Jerry ''The King'' Lawler

4.Giant vs Giant Match

Big Show v Great Khali

5.Bra and Panties Wet and Wild Elimination Match (Womens Title)

Melina v Ashley v Jillian v Victoria v Maria v Mickie James v Torrie v Candice v Ariel v Kelly Kelly v Kristal v Trinity

6.Chairman v General Manager v Executive Assistant Match

Vince McMahon v Theodore Long v Jonathan Coachman

7.Special Fatal 4 Way Match

Stone Cold Steve Austin v The Rock v Triple H v Hulk Hogan

8.Monster vs Underdog Match

Umaga v Rey Mysterio

9.Wwe Championship Match (Hardcore Match)

John Cena v Shawn Michaels

10.Rated RKO Match

Edge v Randy Orton

11.World Heavyweight Championship Match (Anywhere Fall)

Undertaker v Batista

Will the baby fall?

1). Ladder 6-Man Tag:Carlito & Rey Mysterio & Sandman(with Tommy Dreamer) vs Chavo Guerrero & Gregory Helms & Finlay(with Hornwoggle).
2). Punjabi Prison Match 6-Man Tag:Mr Kennedy & Mark Henry & Umaga vs Ric Flair & Stone Cold & The Rock.
3). First Blood Match:Chris Benoit vs MVP
4). Inferno Match:Kane vs The Great Khali
5). 4 -Tag Team Tables,Ladders & Chairs Match:Hardy Boyz vs Cade & Murdoch vs Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas vs Cryme Tyme.
6). Fatal Four Way Steel Cage Match:Bobby Lashley vs CM Punk vs RVD vs Sabu.
7). Casket Match:The Undertaker vs Batista.
8). Fatal Four Way Hell In A Cell Match with (special referee Mick Foley):John Cena vs Shawn Michaels vs Edge vs Randy Orton.

Why Did Kane Become the Fake Diesel?

"Money in the Bank" Ladder Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Benoit vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Kennedy

WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship
No Disqualification
Batista vs. Randy Orton vs. Bobby Lashley

Battle of the Billionaires 2
Undertaker & Kane (Trump)
vs. Great Khali & Umaga (McMahon)
(Loser of McMahon or Trump gets buried alive)

Cruiserweight Championship
Elimination Match
All Cruiserweights

Women's Championship
Melina vs. Mickie James vs. Ashley Massaro

ECW World Title
Barbed Wire Roped Extreme Rules
Elimination Match
Sandman vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Sabu

United States Championship
6 Pack Elimination Match
Booker T vs. Finlay vs. MVP vs. Mark Henry vs. William Regal vs. Boogeyman

WWE why not more crossovers?

match to crown the undisputed champ and unify the titles
world title vs wwe title buried alive
john cena vs undertaker (taker to win and hopefully they'll never dig cena up lol)

hell in a cell, TLC, inferno match
hardyz vs london and kendrick vs cade and murdoch vs duece and domino

crusierweight free for all 15 minute battle royal (like wrestlemania 2000)

last ride match
mr kennedy vs shawn michaels

ladder match
hornswoggle vs kane

gauntlet match
edge vs orton, finlay, booker, khali

womens hardcore match to crown a hardcore champ!
melina vs mickie vs victoria vs jillian vs sharmell

Do you think all the wwe wrestlers are the same age?

Wrestlemania 24

ECW heavyweight Title - Extreme Rules
(C) Sabu v Rey Mysterio v Jeff Hardy v Umaga

Brand Battle - WWE vs TNA vs ECW
Edge v Kurt Angle v Rob Van Dam

Money in the bank
Kane v King Booker v Sandman v Matt Hardy
v CM Punk v Carlito v Elijah Burke

Hall Of Fame:
Ric Flair, Trish Stratus, Yokozuna, The Rock + more...

US Title
(C) Chris Beniot v Chavo Guerrero

Hell in a Cell - Winner gets title shot at Backlash
John Cena v Batista

Icon v Icon 30min Iron Man Match
The Rock v HBK

WWE Title Match
(C) Randy Orton v Mr Kennedy

World Heavyweight Title
(C) The Undertaker v Triple H

Guest what?

Match 1- MITB- Sabu vs Jeff Hardy vs Rey Mysterio vs Boogeyman vs Super Crazy vs Ric Flair vs MVP vs Shane McMahon
Match 2- Womens Championship- Fatal 4 way- Ashley vs Melina vs Mickie James vs Victoria
Match 3- Intercontinental title- Handicap Dumpster match- Kane and Santino Marella vs Umaga w/ Vince McMahon
Match 4- US title match- submission match- Chris Benoit vs Mark Henry
Match 5- Loser leaves WWE Lumberjack Inferno match- Batista vs Great Khali (lumberjacks- Carlito,Chris Masters,Eugene, Cryme Tyme, Matt Hardy, Cade and Murdoch, Viscera, King Booker, Regal and Taylor, Chavo Guerrero, Deuce and Domino,Finlay, London and Kendrick, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman and Elijah Burke)
Match 6- ECW World title- Flaming tables match- Mick Foley vs RVD vs Bobby Lashley
Match 7- World heavyweight title- Buried alive- Undertaker vs Mr Kennedy
Match 8- WWE title- Hell in a Cell- Triple H vs Cena vs HBK vs Edge vs Randy Orton

Hall of Fame- Bret Hart,Stone cold, The Rock

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