Anyone hear any rumors or heard anything lately about The Rock making a return to the WWE?


Question cena fans?

it began since he came to the tron of raw weeks before mania but he is still not there, he made us expect that "FINALLY, the Rock has come back to Monday Night RAW!!" but nothing happened after... reason why im starting to hate him !

I want to know about catfight?

It's NEVER going to happen, maybe he will stop by and make the odd appearance but you'll never see him making a return to wrestling...EVER!

You know what would be great?

i dint think thay where rumers

Try this one , nick bockwinkel vs ric flair both in their primes ?

i doubt it he is an actor know

What r u doing?

The rock is never gonna make a full time return to the ring!! He is earning far more from films and it is also a less demanding schedual... he enjoys time with his family and will only ever make special appearances and probably never wrestle again!

Was Randy Orton ever caught for drug abuse?

nope. and if the rock does then maybe just maybe i will watch wwe.

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