Best place in the world to go snowboarding?

Question:Ive been going out with a girl who loves snowboarding. She's hinting she'd love to go on a boardin holiday. I would maybe like to suprise her.

Where is the best/most impressive place to go??


Where do i find polaris snowmobile dealers in the barrie ontario area?

If you are talking about near the US with a reasonable budget, Whistler Blackcomb Mts. near Vancouver, BC is probably the best place to skii/snowboard. If that's too far west, try Vermont -- Stratton Mt is awesome to board on.

Whistler -
Stratton -

California has great places --- Google these:

Big Bear Mountain (prob my fav in the US)
Lake Tahoe
Mammoth Lakes

Also of course Aspen, CO has great places like Vail and Snowmass. Now a days anywhere you can skii, you can almost always snowboard.

If you truly mean the "world" and got $15-20k to blow -- nothing beats Alaska, hands down one of the best places in all the world. I love the Andes Mts in South America (Chile and Argentina) --- look up Portillo, the skylines are just amazing. In Europe my favorite place is probably Norway, especially the Hemsedal Mountain Range. Again, all of these spots are extremely expensive.

Which winter sport is easier to learn: snowboarding or ski?

Patagonia - look up mountains in Chile or Argentina. If you truly have the world open to you, that should surprise her.

Ski wear?

Not sure where you live. The snow sucks in Tahoe this year, otherwise its great.maybe later in the season. Lake Louise is beautiful and romantic (near Calgary in Canada).

What should I get first to start thinking seriously about learning how to snowboard?

Mike Wiegele's - Blue River, British Columbia. Best heli-skiing (or riding) ever! 1,700 square miles, 1,000 peaks and the best champagne powder in the world. It's not cheap and not easy to get to, but probably less so than Chile.

SKIING in BULGARIA over NYE. Good snow there? Whats the best resort?

Anywhere in Europe is great. Switzerland or Austria or if you want to get exotic try someplace like Lichtenstein. Guarantee she'll be impressed.

What is the best brand for snowboarding gear?

Snowshoe, West Virginia!

What is the longest skiing run in the US?

Salt lake city, utah. Go to brighton, the canyons, and park city

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