American and english figure skating...?

Question:In figure skating theres different names like teapots are called shoot-the-ducks.

Are they any other different named things in figure skating? [so i dont get confused when i hear?]


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apart from what the person under me said, theres also
american=waltz jump
english=three jump

american=camel spin
english=parrallel spin

What are the snowboarding options available to me?

Lunge (American) = Drag (English)
Toe Loop (American) = Cherry Flip (English)

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I don't know of any, but that's cool how you call them teapots, it sounds much better than shoot-the-duck. lol So many moves in skating have funny names

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i honestly dont no any, but i met this girl at the rink who was from denmark and she said a waltz jump is called a 'skating jump' and a layback spin is called a 'sky spin' lol

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i think there the same thing

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There is the camel spin, Lunge,toe loop, spiral,half flip(not really a flip),bunny hop. that is all i know. There are a lot of strange names in figure skating.

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