Which is better to wear in the snow? Ski Pants or Rain Pants?


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Definately ski pants. Rain pants aren't designed to be breathable which means that when you sweat, the moisture will just accumulate against your skin and will make you colder. Look for pants that are made of a breathable fabric that wicks away moisture. Gore-tex is ussually a good choice.

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I would say ski pants.. they not only week the water away but they are definitely warmer than rain pants.. you will freeze in rain pants

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Ski Pants are better because they are made to absourd snow! or mealted snow

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Snow pants

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Nice ski pants with gortex, something like Spyder, Mountain Hardware, 686.Pants will run you $100-$150

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Ski pants will keep you warmer and moreover, the rain pants may make you sweat more and thus cause you to dehydrate faster than the ski pants would.

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