A skateboard-snowboard mixed? skateboard with bindings, can be proppeled by mimmicking snowboard carving?

Question:yea i saw a video with quite a few people with skateboards that had a type of bindings on them. they can be propelled by mimicking the carving of a snowboard, yet they have a normal skateboard top and wheels on the bottom, (you cant push it along with your feet because you are strapped in)

please inform me were i could purchase one or where i could find more information

links to sites would be appreciated by not required



I think I know what you're looking for, but these are better


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look up "sidewalk surfer" first kind of skateboards. my uncle even made a bootleg one

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depends if you're thinking of a mountain board or a freebord.

mountain boards are used on bumpy dirt/grass/rock terrain with big wheels. has bindings but your feet aren't permanently strapped in. has similar feeling to snowboard without the snow

Freebords... i think, are the best streetXsnowboarding board around. it mimmicks snowboarding on concreted surfaces. It has bindings (more like hooks, but holds your feet to the board) but it doesn't strap your feet solid to the board. check videos on youtube, make sure you spell it as "FREEBORD" (no A)


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Yea looks really cool. It's called a freeboard. Go to http://www.freeboard.com

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