Beginner snowboarding question...?

Question:I don't know if I am a goofy or regular foot. I went yesterday goofy foot, but my bindings were not set up properly (back foot was straight and front foot was not even a shoulders length apart and was tilted at a 45 degree angle)

It was my first time snowboarding yesterday. So far I can only do the "falling leaf" (change directions only by going in the stopping position) when I tried to lean on my toeside it would catch in the snow and I fell. I am just wondering if this is because my bindings are not properly set up (or are they) or if it is because I'm applying too much pressure. Also, is it easier going regular foot?

ANY snowboarding tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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What made you ride goofy yesterday? Are you sure you are goofy? Did you try the sliding test, like if you took a couple of running steps in the kitchen with your socks on and then slid acroos the floor, what foot naturally goes forward? do that a few times and see which foot you seem to be sliding with forward. Thats usually a pretty good indicator of how you should ride.

Who set up your board? To make it easiest for learning you should be centered on your board with your bindings shoulder width apart.
Was it a rental or is it your own board? If its yours you should measuer from the center of the binding out to the nose of the board and then measure the other binding from the center of it to the tail of the board, they should be equal distances from each end to be centered.

As a beginner I would have your bindings set up at 15 degrees for the front foot and maybe 5-10% out on the back foot. (duck foot)

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Another way to know if you are goffy or regular is have someone push you from behind and if your left foot goes foward yuo are regular if your right foot goes foward you are goofy. Normally when you rent a board they aren't exact shoulder width apart but you can always ask them to adjust it, if it is your own board or a friends you can either take it to a shop or have someone else fix it for you. Same with the angles if you go into the rental shop half way though your day to tell them that you don't like the set up can you change it they probally wont say no. I would recomend somewhere between 5 and 15 degrees for both feet. Sometime it just takes riding on both feet to know weather you are goofy or regular, like when I first started snowboarding all the ways to tell if you are goofy or regular said I was regular but after I snowboarded a little bit I was more comfortable going goofy. Hope I helped.

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I switched from skiing to snowboarding 3 years ago. What my instructor taught me to do when i wasn't sure whether I was goofy or regular, she told me to pretend like I was kicking a soccer ball. Whatever foot I would use would determine what I was. Right foot is regular and left is goofy. You should lean on the foot that is going down the hill. When you are turning, it may be helpful for you to come to a complete stop before starting again. also if you are turning left, keep the wait on your heels, and if you are turning right, keep it on your toes.

If you have any other questions, I have played almost every sport so I am open to questions.

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run and slide on a hardwood floor and if your right foot naturally comes forward you are goofy, if your left fooot comes forward you are regular. Your stance should be slightly duck footed, but you should play around with angles findingwhich workes for you. dont worry about falling leaf, i used to do it when i started. toe edge will come in time. regular and goofy is like right hand and left. the easier one depends on the person. i am goofy, but it doesnt effect my riding ability. bend your knees more when u are doing toe-side. swing ur arms to transfer from toe to heel side. and keep practicing. glad u are interested in the sport. and remember that learning is the hardest part.

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Stand flat footed, and have some one stand behind you, then when you least expect it, have the person behind you push you in the back, what ever foot you catch your self with, is the one that goes in the front of the board. so if some on pushes you and your right foot moves forward, then put ur right foot first. good luck.

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