Are female figure skaters allowed to cross their legs once off the ice?

Like sitting, waiting for their results.


Skiing question?


What is the best brand for snowboarding gear?

Probably, but I doubt they want the back of their blade poking their calf.

What size snowboard should I get?

AHHH!! THAT IS HILARIOUS!! Great question!

Preping skiis and snowboards?

Why? Are you gay? LOL

Can snowboard wax stain your base?

Well they have guards on so they probably won't poke their calfs, but I would think that every skater is tired and relaxes. I'd have to see every skater's kiss and cry. Honestly, skaters don't usually think about that, they think about their scores.

Who has skied the Atomic SL:12?

Some skaters honestly do.but the majority are just acting as any other athlete would were a camera not perched on the floor between their legs..These are not dainty little girls afterall, they are athletes that train upwards of 5 hours daily and live their lives in sweats -- don't let the makeup and costumes fool you. They haven't necessarily been brought up in a manner to be lady like at every turn.

What is the lamest sport in the world? (say curling btw... last person to answer wins)?

The guards prevent being hurt but it really is an uncomfortably position, so I try to avoid it, but some people just do it as a habbit.

Where is the best dry ski slope in Scotland?

Yes they can, but it's not the most comfortable position to sit in with ice skates and tights on. Most of the skaters that do it have a habit of it so that's why they do it, but it's not something that you think about when you are waiting for your results.

Am i too old for figure skating?


Does anyone know any web site on learning Skiing with pictures , slides or video free of charge ?

whta sort of a dumb questioni is that? they don't do it becasue it's hard to do with skates on. you try it. it feels better and more natural to keep both feet on the floor.

What's the best ski resort in the Maryland, W VA, Pennsylvania area?

i guess so.

What are some good ideas for fundrasing?

I would imagine so y would you want to know anyways?

Do they still make K2 Clicker boots and bindings?

I don't think they do. Well, out of all the competitions i have seen they have never done that. I sure would not.

Mountain boarding!!!!!! or all-terrain boarding? i wanna get started!?

huh and yes if there siting down

What do I need to know before buying a powder board?(Besides longer length)?

well im not sure if i understand were exactly youre going with this but the answer is yes they can cross their legs however its fairly uncomfortable because of how raised your leg gets due to the skate

OK if my weight is 130 Lb. and I'm 5'8 and boot size is 11 or 12 how big should my board be?

I do, Ive never been in a competition but I do cross my legs in skates and tights with no problem, as someone else said, it is just a habit!

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