Best snowboarding boots?

I recently purchased a Burton Indie 158 and Burton CO2 bindings and am looking for a good pair of snowboarding boots. What is the best recommendation based on my setup? I am 5'10, 160 with size 11 feet.


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Well your question really has 2 parts that you should think about:

1) What kind of riding do I plan to do? - Not all boots are created equal and they can vary quite a bit in terms of the support and weight. A freestyle boot is going to give you a lot more flex around the ankles compared to one that is made for freeriding.

2) What boots fit best with my specific bindings? - Although they are technically universal some boots just fit better in some bindings either due to the overall width of the binding or due to the pressure points that might result from where the straps might sit on your particular boot.

Two tips to keep in mind though are 1)Try on lots of different boots before you commit to a single one. 2)Don't skimp on the money you put into your boots. A good pair of boots will make a huge difference in your comfort and the overall feel of your ride. Plus boots that fit weel also keep you from getting tired which will let you stay on the mountain longer.

Good luck!

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I've got a pair of Burton Moto's, they are an inexpensive boot, and they are pretty nice.

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i just got Vans encore boas for chistmas and they work really well. ilike that they have no laces very comf very supportive

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i have burton moto's. they are cheap, but great! the speedzone lacing is awesome, because it's fast and it stays tight.

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The best snowboarding boots are the ones that fit your feet best. The best thing to do is work out how much you want to spend, then go down your local shop and try on a range of boots arouned your price range and go for the ones that feel the most comfortable. Don't be influenced by brand or the style of the boots, once you,ve got your bindings done up noone will notice what they look like anyway. Its crucial that your boots fit you well what may suit one person may be totally the wrong choice for you. But also they must fit into your current bindings as well, so its worth taking one along to the shop just to check for sure that your current bindings and potential new boots fit together well.

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burton motos

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