A question about Quad One powder skis...?

Anyone know the Quad One's from Elan? Those powder skis look fantastic and other Elan powder skis have been good, but now I need something better... Anyone know if the Quad One's are any good?


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I am not familiar with any actual reviews for this ski. Powder did a great buyers guide this past year, but the reviews in the online edition are not there. It's mostly just specs. However, the specs alone say alot on this set of boards.

161-121-141? at 184 Length? That is a BEAST. That is one of the bigger shovels on the commercial market. The underfoot size is pretty huge too. Basically, these suckers are going for POW and POW only. I can't imagine they'd be too much fun on much anything else. ELAN is a reputable company, so I am sure the skis perform. But if you want a straight powder ski, why not go for the best? The Fatypus Alotta was marked as the best in the ski reviews, or at least one of the best. It's pricey ($800) and huge (172-140-158 with lengths at 170 and 180), but they say it SHREDS the big powder. If you are going too fat, check into a sick all mountain alternative. The Volkl Gotama (133-105-124) got SICK reviews and is a little smaller underfoot, so it has a little more versatility.

But in the end, if you have the funds for a fully stocked quiver, get some crazy POW skis as well as the all mountains. Have fun.

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