Any good tips for a beginner in snowboarding? :-)?



Get lessons.
Expect to fall but try not to get too frustrated. All beginners fall on their butts in first few lessons (pro falls as well) so no worries! If you are still nervous, get wrist guards (to protect your wrists), get impact shorts (to protect your tallbone!). these cushion you and lessen the pain as well as protecting you from your fall.
Also, listen carefully to your instructor and ask questions if you have. there are NO SILLY questions!
1 tip from a beginner myself: keep knees out, and make a strong sturdy stance (like a cowgirl I've been taught!) while you are on your board, it helps you to control where you actually want the board to go. Keep weight on your leading foot, so that the tip of snowboard doesn't lift off (it makes steering difficult then!) and stay in contact with snow.

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don't give up, most people take a while to catch on. fall on your forearms, not on your hands, to reduce the chance of breaking your wrist. when you get to going down the hill, like from an actual lift, picture yourself doing the twist (the dance) to help figure out how to turn. but remember not to turn the opposite direction until you are going straight down the hill. the last two tips don't apply until you are going down something other then the bunny hill

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Take up skiing.

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Just Keep your head up. Try to take a lesson not in a group. It makes a HUGE difference and gets you confident. Take a begginer lift to learn to get off. Then If you feel like your going to fast turn to your heels and fall if you can't stop.
Good Luck And Have Fun!!

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you must have a real desire to snowboard (no matter what it takes). i give my friends crash courses (really crash) on how to snowboard all the time and they all (all but one) can snowboard quite well now.
First Thing: you gotta keep trying after you fall (my tips involve a lot of falling).
Second Thing: to me learning to stop is like falling on your butt. first you learn how to stop yourself by falling on your butt (safely), then you do the same thing (turning and leaning back) but without the falling on you butt part. after you got the hang of stopping facing down the slope, try stopping while facing u the slope
Third Thing: turning is like stopping only you don't lean up the hill (its like falling on your butt only without the falling and leaning back part).
after you learn these basics, you can be creative (which i mean trying to copy good snowboarders)

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One thing that I've really noticed in learning to ride is that it feels a lot like when I was little and ran and slid across ice (the balance is similar and you'll always lead with one foot or the other).

I would also recommend is to learn to slide down on both the toe side and heel side of your board, that'll help when you start learning to carve. It'll help with another thing I'm sure you've found out, the slower you go the less it hurts when you fall. But don't necessarily go on the bunny hill, snowboarders need some slope, greens could possibly be harder for you than blues.

From that point I've just experimented with stuff. For example, just moving my front toes up and down instead of trying to move everything, or for a while it was easier to just throw my back leg around to steer. I've noticed that on my heel side I fall far less often when I have my knees bent, it kind of prevents when board acts like it's a rock skipping on a pond. But anyway, in the end it's all about balance and what's most comfortable for you.

I also have to agree with what insaneaznskillz is saying as well.

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lessons are good... Expensive.. i taught several friends and my wife. before you do anything learn how to get in and out of your bindings... i showed my wife how to get in, get out, and stand up... she did it a few times in the living room and when we got to the slopes she didnt need to waste time learning how to do it there. second learn how to plow (preferably heel edge) after you perform the falling leaf a few times (back and forth) down the slope plowing you will learn how to stop.. after that just point (with your finger) where you want to go, doing that turns your shoulders and when you turn your shoulders it turns your hips and your board follows... do that a few times and the whole carving thing will soon follow... Granted these are not "advanced" tips but they do work.

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be careful and dress warm!

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