Back stretches?? xox?

anyone got any specific back stretches which are good for flexibility in the back. please dont answer with something like yoga or pilates i am lookin for specific stretches which have helped you. xoxox


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I found this stretch great for a pinched nerve...and I think it is also good for the muscles in general:

Lie flat on your back, arms outstretched. Keep your arms on the floor, lift one leg slightly, and stretch it across your body to the other side as far as you can, trying to touch your toes to the ground. Keep your arms and shoulders flat on the floor while you do this.

It is easier seen with a picture...sorry, best I could do. Obviously, make sure to alternate legs.

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Backbends! or some people call them bridges! I do them every night and taking ballet helped too! Don't give up! Good Luck!

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backbends and bridges are the only ones I can think of, and they really help

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