Anyone been skiing in maine?

if so, did you like it? where did you go?


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Ya, the skiing there is fabulous. I would highly recommend Sugar Loaf and Sunday River. They are big too. Let me tell you, it will be the best skiing you will find that is not out west. The snow is wonderful and well kept. Both of these resorts are great. I went there and had a blast. Hope you have one too!

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Most likely Sunday River would be the destination.

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I didn't even know there was snow skiing in Maine

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Sunday River and Sugar Loaf. I only skied Sugar Loaf once, and that was a good 20 years ago. But I remember thinking on it like I think on Stowe in VT. Sunday river seems like a big destination for a lot of people. Tons of people, tons of snowmaking, expanded all over the place...a bit commercial feeling.

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