A few questions for snowboarding sizes, and types of boards!!?

Question:hey, i went snowboaring today, and it was insane, within a few hrs i was at the dimonds going down slowley but not falling. I want a board not expensive but i need some help first. i need the type, becuase there are like freestyle and etc...

hieght: 6'
wieght: 140lb

I used i think a 155, but not sure

anything will be helpfull


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I am 6ft tall, 190lbs, size 12 feet.

I have a 159cm board but I am planning to get a new board that is 163cm. 159cm is a good size for freestyle (hitting up the terrain park for jumps and rails and jibbing), 162cm is a good size for all riding (freestyle/freeride), then a little longer one for freeride (mountain riding in powder snow).

So it depends on what kind of riding you would like to do. 155 sounds good for an all riding board at your weight. If you have big feet like me your gonna need check out wide boards too.

Freeriding boards should be longer and a bit stiffer so you can be stable while going fast and carving down the slope. Freestyle boards are made I believe with a little more flex and is shorter. For both riding just get something in between.

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I am 16 years old, 135 lbs 5'10, and i am just wondering if 157 twin tips are to small for me? Thanks?

get a 155,trust me on this+)

Is a 5150 all mountain board okay for doing tricks? (not intense, but just a few tricks)?

how xpensive is not xpensive? cuz not xpensive could mean 300 canadian $ or 600 cad$ it depends what your budget is but id suggest getting a 157 if you like more of an all mountain board instead of a freestyle board

if you have around 600 just for the board not including bindings and boots id say get an option freeplus and what shoe size are you?

ps sorry about always using x instead of ex its just faster

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i think a 155 will do u fine i am 5' 11" and i have a 155 and it works great. I think you should go with a burton board, i think they are the best but if you are looking for something a little less expensive try maybe a Morrow, Flow, or Ride board.

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