I need a live alpine webcam with video?

Question:OK I need a webcam of an Alpine ski resort. Answer must have a specific webcam and not jut point to a list of cams, a resorts website or a webcam directory site (like snoweye.com).

But I want video - see people moving ideally. All the ones I can find are still images refreshed every 5 mins


Will espn still air the next u.s. figure skating nationals?

do you mean something like this?


Which ski mountain in the US has the most vertical drop?

That would be pretty nice wouldnt it. I looked and couldnt find any but if you want to see places like the Bourne bridge on Cape Cod, theres a few live cams. Sorry.

edit>> Katrina!! thats great!! I couldnt find a live cam, but I bookmarked that!!

I don't want to wear a skating dress.?


That's where I ride so I'm a little biased but there you go.

I'm super tall, and it is so hard for me to find skating dresses that fit. Any ideas?

Great question, I can't wait for more live video feed! My mountain only takes a snapshot every 15 minutes.

OMG Katrina looks just like me! LOL

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