Anyone tried the DC "Judge" boots? Good as Burton or others?

They seemed to fit pretty well and because of the pump system seem to stop any heel lift. Are these as good as the Burton Ion or other boots or better? I have a Burton Vapor and ride mostly freeride in the Rockies. Are they comfortable and offer enough stiffness, support etc...?


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I haven't tried any DC boots but I have to say the best boots are the one's that fit the best. Just because I like Burton doesn't mean they'll work well for you and just because you like DC doesn't mean they'll work for me. Try on as many boots as you can and pick the one that offers the support, fit and features you need. Also, remember that a boot that fits perfectly in the store is probably too big. A good fit in a boot should be very tight until you've had a chance to break it in a bit. I always buy my boots a size too small and after a few painful days they fit perfectly. There is nothing worse than a boot that doesn't fit right.

EDIT: As for the statement of Burton being overpriced and overhyped, you really have no idea what you are talking about. DC is the most hyped company around and they are owned by Quicksilver.Burton is owned by a snowboarder not a board of businessmen. If you compare boot to boot Burton vs DC you'll find Burton is far superior. All their boots are built with function in mind while many of DC's lower end stuff is built for fashion. All Burton boots have 12 degrees of forward lean built into them, that's a performance feature that everyone needs. DC's lower end stuff is straight.not too performance oriented if you ask me.

But like I said earlier, get the boots that fit right and offer the features you like. I would never push a boot on someone if it didn't work for them.

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when i think of good snowboard boot manufacturers, DC is one of the companies that come to mind. others are 32, Northwave, and Ride. Burton is overpriced, and over-hyped.

like anything else, all companies make products that range in quality. make sure those kicks have a dual-lacing system, fit well (minimal heel lift, no pressure points, and won't cut off circulation), and look durable. my personal preference is been to look for boots with a low-profile lacing system, recessed below the outer part, that way if you ever rest your board on your boot on the lift and whatnot, you won't cut your laces, or the loops that hold your laces.

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i havent tryed the "judge" boots but i owned a pair of dcs and they were amazing...i love dc boots so i think there just as good or better then the burtons

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I have DC boots and love them
but have nevr tried the judge ones

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I have a pair of DC Allegiance's which are basically the Judge but with an extra BOA on on it. Overall I find them to be really light and extremely comfortable. I think they are great boots and I probably would have been happy with the Judge's as well. I agree with Paul G regarding the size though. When I first tried on the boots I was pissed b/c they felt way too tight in the toe and I thought I got too small a size. But after 2 days of riding the broke in a bit and now fit perfectly. In the end I wouldn't focus too much on brand and try as many pairs of boots as you can until you find ones you like.

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I have the girls judge boots by DC and I love them! I have a lot of problems with my heels lifting but the little air pump things have completely fixed it! also the boa lacing system makes it so much easier to get a them tight all the way to the toes not just at the very tops like normal laces. over all I would have to say that they pretty much rock! get them!

PS i ride the rockies too and these boots have never let me down

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