Anyone tried Curling?...Opinions?

I think it seems like a easy going fun thing to do, but first I gotta find a place to learn it (Im living in the South right now haha) and I heard its very easy to learn but extremely hard to master. Opinions?


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Your comments are true it is very fun with a group of friends. I had t go to private club to do it. We got some kind of group guest rate which was fun. There is some kind of US curling club where they post where you can do it in different parts of the country. Sort of like the PGA. They let anyone in as a member. You can browse the site for free without logging in. It is the National Sport of Canada.

How do figure Skaters get paid for a living?

I live in Georgia...its not like there is an abundance of ice to practice on...but I kind of wanted to learn to play...its kind of like a harder and colder version of shuffleboard...that sounds fun

What are good strecthes for a better spiral on ice and just good stretches for ice?

My dad used to curl.

It is mostly a Canadian sport...but yeah, I'm sure you could join on somewhere, especially if you live in a big city. If you are rural, you may be out of luck.

My guess is that it is easy to learn the basics on what to do, but very difficult to master the sport.

I'm thinking of buying some twin tip skis, any favourites?

Looks like fun. Our local rink in KC has a curling club. Below is a link to curling clubs in the US. Hopefully there's one near you.

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