Are wrist bands like this one useful for preventing snowboarding injuries, or just for fashion?


What's the best way to prepare your muscles for skiing, so you don't ache all over the next day?

Strictly for fashion.
If you want protection...
Protec makes some decent pads. You can get a set for around $30 for knee pads and about $20 for wrists.
I personally like the Burton/Red Impact ones. The gloves can go for about $80. Big plus with those, the guards are built right into the glove. The bigger plus...the guards are on top AND bottom opposed to just the bottom. When they're just on the bottom/palm of your hand, your wrist can still bend back. The impact gloves prevent this. I ride kinda aggressive and will never wear another glove. The impact knee gaskets (although maybe hard to find) are also a nice plus. I've managed to tweak the knee with the pro-tec ones. But I've taken many of gnarly wipe outs geared up in Burton/Red and 98% of the time I'm back on my board without even coming to a stop. They do work.
I've always said.everyone remembers the helmet. Helmets are good in case you fall and smack your head. But you WILL fall and you WILL fall on your knees and wrists, don't forget to protect them too.

I need to know.Can you answer?


Is it really?

totally fashion. there are though several companies including burton who make gloves with built in wrist guards to protect against breaking your wrists. Thats really about it. I also recommend a helmet. A good website to check out is below, they have an online retail store with some good discounts on it for things like that. Have fun!

Torino 2006?

No way in hell those would keep you from breaking your wrist. I have gloves that have two plastic inserts per glove that keep you from breaking your wrist, and you can take the inserts out when you want a little bit more flexebility. They are kinda expensive but, then again, they cost less than a trip to the mountain emergency room, and well worth it when you think of a wasted trip and the pain. I found mine for only about $20, but now i saw them for about $50, so maybe you should shop around!

If you been ice skating since 3, and you're getting near the professional, should i just drop out?

those wouldnt protect you one bit. yeah there burton, and yeah they look sick, but if looking for protection, keep looking

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