A few years back dual slalom and dual GS was supposed to come into ski racing why hasn't it?

The dual racing is part of the curriculum for dri-slope national ski racing and surely it would be good on the World Cup circuit on real snow. It is exciting enough watching the skier against the clock so just imagine what it would like with a dual.


Why do my hands turnout when my feet turn in to do a wedge turn in skiing?

It has, but not by the way of slalom or GS. I think it could have to do with time. It would take a long time to do a race this way. Also, the World Cup is already a very fast paced and overcrowded schedule. For athletes seeking the overall title and skiing in all the disciplines it is already too much for them to handle. Adding more events would make it even worse. You can watch skier cross or the Jeep King of the Mountain to get your dual racing fix.

Will you be skiing in Zermatt next January?

I've seen a few races on TV. I think they even had a demo of the dual slalom at the olympics a while ago. It's cool to watch!

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