Any tips on making a snowboard/ski video?

Question:I am not to great at tricks on a snowboard, and can do 180's and a couple of graps on skis, but can go down any east coast slope.
I want to make it with three friends
I have 2 days to make it.


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Go steep! The camera flattens everything big time. So just know that even if you are standing on what would be a double diamond in the east, its going to look like a blue, like a nice easy cruser. Try some low camera angles. Also try to hit deeper snow, any spray of your board or skis really helps and looks great in slow mo too. Have Fun!

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Not only will everything look flatter but jumps and hits will look smaller too. A 5ft kicker looks like it's 2ft tall on video. Try to offset this by keeping the camera low and shooting at other unique angles. Also keep your cuts relatively short and vary between shots of the riding, scenary, and your friends.

A good song helps too.

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