Anyone fancy going skiing or snowboarding today?

Please, no jokes about first one to get piste.


What mountain is the highest for skiing in British Columbia. And is it taller than Vermount and Montreals hill

what slope are you ??

Any cool snowboarding blog or forum recommendations?


You have any interesting facts about skiing in N.H?

No sorry I hate the cold.


would love to but.
A) Ive got no money, so unless your paying
B) im scared of heights, so the ski lift is a no go
C) I cant ski

Going to Livigno next saturday 13th january?

yeah if u will teach me!?!?!?

Can someone reccomend a European ski resort? Preferably not in France?

I fancy going, but I have some work to finish by next week

At age fourteen is it too late to become a figure skater?

snow all gone here...

Where in North Carolina can you snowboard their sand dunes?

Where is the snow then?

I'm going camping and need a 1" butane curling iron. Anyone know a website that has a 1" one??

sure do, I live one hr from sierra nevada (southern spain) best of both worlds, you can sunbathe and ski at the same time!!

In the Olympics, What is the sport Culing and the purpose of the game? I am so confused about this sport.?

I hope you're already there, the delays at Gatwick last night were mad!

What is Loveland Pass like for snowboarding?

i hate the cold but sounds like it could be good fun,,, like to try it one day.....

Which figure skaters are currently dating?


In real life with the first jamacian bobsled team did the cart really break and they carried it to the end?

Fo Sho

Were should I go for powder skiing?

live on a ski slope so probably will at some point!

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