At age fourteen is it too late to become a figure skater?

I love figure skating but I dont have a rink nearby to skate on. The mall nearby only lets kids skate with hockey skates, and they have to be under thirteen. I may go to Jordan, but would I ever have a chance there? Would I have a chance to go pro if I went back to the states? Or should I just stick to the dreams...but I really really want to be one.


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I'm not going to give you that yucko stuff about "You're never too old to start skating," however true it may be, because there is a limit. Some people start skating when they're ninety, so of course you can start at whatever age, but I know that that's not the answer you're looking for.

You should always stick to your dreams, no matter what happens. But in most cases, you don't get a dream handed to you on a silver platter. You have to work to get. And unless your dream is to simply go to the mall or eat a special dinner, you have to work your butt off.

Skating isn't one of the sports where it's mandatory to start when you're three, but it is a sport where you have to start earlier. Most people who go very far start when they are five or six. Nine can be considered late, as can twelve, even though Johnny Weir started when he was twelve (I tell everybody that, when I found that out it gave me so much reasurance. I started when I was twelve. I almost went gray because I worried so much about not making any progress. I skate at a very elite rink, so almost half of the skaters there are going eighty miles an hour and doing triples. It definetly wears down the self confidence.).

Fourteen is probably too old to become a pro, but that sentence can be like a dagger in the heart, and it most definetly isn't an always true statement. What I would recomend is doing tons of off ice training and get as much time on the ice as possible. Try to do the splits all three ways, and do fifty sit-ups every night. Try to do as many skating moves off the ice as you can. When I first started, I literally did all of my jumps anywhere and anytime I could. It helped so much it's hard to believe. Even if you don't go very far with skating, it's always good to be in good shape.

Right now I am training with one of the top three coaches at my rink, and I haven't been skating that long. Every lesson is like a competition for me, I have to do everything right or else it's incredibly embarresing, which makes every lesson I have incredibly embarresing. Every day I go home thinking I'm not going to do be able to do anything with skating. But then, after a while, I see how stupid I'm being. I've made so much progress so far, who knows what can happen? I probably won't go to the Olympics or Nationals, but skating has given me such an awesome experience. I've skated with Timothy Goebel and Michael Weiss many times. That alone can give me memories for the rest of my life! Skating is much more than an Olympic sport, it's something that helps you become a better person and help mold your personality. It teaches mental strength and flexibility. It gives you the ability to persevere and do things when you feel like you were run over by a steam roller.

Skating is an amazing sport, so do it no matter what! Never give up. That's easy to say or type, but it's some of the best advice anybody has ever given, so try as hard as you can to do it.

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Yea you can still do figure skating because I' m16 and I just started figure skating last year so just find a place that wil accept you okay!

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Of course you can start skating. you will have to work hard but you can do it. I would recomend making your own rink for the winter, you could always skate on that.

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Nothing wrong with having dreams, however, lets be realistic. At fourteen, if you haven't gotten coaching from a professional for atleast the last 6-7 years, you don't have much of a chance to either compete in the Olympics or become a professional. Most, if not all of the elite in figure skating start out at a very early age. Keep skating, but forget about competition.

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Don't let the other people wear you down. You can do whatever you want if your heart's in it. Hey, when you go to the olympics, make sure to mention me! Just kidding, but I bet you could. It gives me hope to know about Johnny Wier, s maybe I can do that too, and if I ccan, you can! I love skating, and as long as you love skating, you'ved got a great foundation. Some skaters are just plain stuck up, but I don;yt want people to think of me like them. Please take my advice and go for it! You have just as much of a chhance as anyone! And as long as your hearts in it, you can go all the way. It actually is possibly to go to the olympics! If you practice a lot, and do your stretches, you can do t, and don't let anyone tell you you can't. I doin't care who you are or where your from, as long as you want it, you can earn it!

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it doesn't hurt to try.
competitive mat be a different story but if you love to skate then go for it.=)

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