Any suggestions for a weekend's skiing?

Some pals and I are trying to organise a cheeky boys weekend's skiing. We're thinking about Davos (easy to get to, short transfer times etc.) but now I am thinking with the bad snow that we're better off going somewhere else. My dashboard widget says there's a 5" snow base! Anyone been skiing in France or Switzerland where the snow is good?


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Got a few resources you can check:

Check:- . It uses the google map software and you can get live updates on the weather aswell as Resort information. You can choose the country you like and the relevant information. - Uses google maps and will help you to find not only the right resort for your next ski holiday and also the best deals to that resort. You can also find out where the best snow is, airport transfer times and how to get from the airport to resort. Good way to present this information too.

Good Luck.

Is there a general website where one can see photos of the faces of skiiers on the world cup tour?

sierrra nevada spain. Fly into Granada (wicked tapas bars) good cheap hotels. Ski resort 20mins drive. Check out have fun!

Is it cheaper to rent skis near denver or rent from dallas? how much are rentals normally?

I've just come back from Verbier where there was plenty of snow above the first lift. Also what about Obertauern in Austria as it has a short transfer time and is pretty high? Good luck!

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the best palce to ski is in colorado! i go there all the time! it is soo reliable and the snow is always great, the hills are really fun! its a great place to go with friends!

I want to go on a ski trip nearby.?


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