Any suggested music for a figure skating program?

I need to choreograph a skating program, but don't have any music yet. I would like something fun and preferably short, maybe 1:30 - 2:30. All suggestions are welcome.


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why not take a leaf out of the top skaters' books and skate to music like Vanessa mae's Toccata and Fugue in D (bach) Thomas verner skated to this in the Europeans in warsaw..its a great tune.The romeo and julliet OST is also beautiful.The pussycat dolls song 'sway' has a really nice beat. my other favourite skating tracks include Rob d's Clubbed to death(which brian joubert skated to,it's from the matrix) winter from the four seasons,shakira Objection-tango,the memoirs of a geisha theme (which Karolina kostner skated to)The mission by ennio morricone, your song by elton john,adagio for strings,Justin timberlakes music(all of which have a great beat!)hope some of those give you ideas!you'l need to get themcut down a bit1Good luck!I added some music at this link...

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What level are you in i am in freestyle 4 and i love to ice skate i think you should try a song thats good for you if you like slow with a bit of medium try the song flash dance. It really good starts out slow then bumps to a new beat! if you love faster music try toxic by brittney spears. you can have your mom or coach cut the music.

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You should do the song Storm by Vanessa Mae. It sounds way cool and it is from the movie Go Figure.
Secret Garden from my Big Fat Greek Wedding
Suite from the Polar Express by Alan Silvestri
Music by the group Bond, especially Atlanta, Gypsy Rhapsody, and Palladio: I. Allegretto
Pirates of the Caribbean remix
My Immortal from Karaoke - Sing Like Evanescence

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I would suggest one of the following.

Everytime We Touch- Cascada
Go Figure- Everlife

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Here are couple of suggjestions:
Real Wild Child
Dance, Dance
Suddenly I See

Also, the is a site and it has a lot of free downloads of good songs that were made with no words - great for skating :-)

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You could get your music cut. However there are songs around that length. Try soundtracks, and search composers for many songs, mostly classical. Or, though very common already, take one from a play or ballet.

Also, I believe there are sites with suggestion lists for songs if you can't find one. Google or Yahoo it.

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