Beginner snowboarding at appalachian??

Question:ive never really snowboarded before except for little hills in my neighborhood but im going this weekend to appalachian im taking 2 lessons Do you thisnk ill have to stay on the bunny slopes or go to the beginner slopes are they really any harder

do u think i should learn how to ski first, and is there really any reason to wear a helmet when yur not going on any hard slopes that have turns or anything and its gonna be high in the 40s do i really need to wear the thermal thing underneath thanks :)


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ive only snowboarded once which was at the end of the season last year.dont go anywhere where it is really crowded and like that other person said, make sure u go on the lift with ur instructor cuz i was ok at snowboarding xcept i couldnt get off the lift w/o got 2 where the lift attendant slowed the lift down whenever he saw me.u dont necessarily have 2 wear long underwear, leggings work good enough 4 me if i wear them under my waterproof ski pants.but i guess that depends where ur from.make sure ur ski pants r waterproof and ur gloves and jacket.u might want 2 buy some hand and feet warmers so they dont freeze.if u have volleyball kneepads u might can wear those so u dont bruise up ur knees 2bad but that might be weird 4u if ur not used 2 knee pads. i think ull need 2b the judge as 2 whether or not you wear a helmet.some of it depends on where you will be.if there r alot of trees around u may want one.or maybe u should anyone if u havent skiied b4 either cuz ur probly not used 2 falling.and 1 last thing-bring advil or tylenol w/ u 4 afterward cuz u will be sore.

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For a beginner you need to wear a helmet. When my friend and i were snowboarding she fell (on the bunny hill... i was teaching her how to board) and it her head. She was rushed to the hospital because of the concussion and bloody mark left from her board. I think you should be very careful but have fun! I also don't think that you need to wear thermal underwear for the 40's. I think you should MASTER and i mean MASTER the bunny hills before you go on the beginner hills. It will be much different. HAVE FUN AND BE CAREFUL!!! ALSO... Don't go to a place that is way to crowded! It can be overwhelming and make sure that if you aren't good at snowboarding when you are done with both lessons then take another one!!! Better SAFE then SORRY!! Be sure that you know how to do the chair lift. I have snowboarded all my life and i still can't get off perfectly. Nobody can master it, just be able to do it! I sometimes fall and that is ok! Oh and remember to actually get off! I once was talking to my friend and then i realized i had to jump about 4-5 feet to get down. Also i am a snowboard instructer and i have seen people who had 1 lesson with me, and the next time i saw them they had a broken arm. I asked them and they said "i didn't know how to get off the chair and i fell BIG TIME!" STAY SAFE HAVE FUN AND MAKE SURE YOU DON"T BREAK ANYTHING!

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take the thermal but don't start out wearing it. If your taking two lessons I would request that you be taken up the lift by the second lesson. I learned last year by taking one lesson and the lift wasn't covered. The lift is the hardest part of the first steps of snowboarding. I teach some of my friends now, just to get them through the basics and I start with them all at the top of the easy lift, not the bunny slope. I actually work at a ski resort and find it unacceptable that the people I sell a one on one lessons to aren't taken up on the lift during the lesson. You want to wear a helmet, but just remember everyone has a hard time the first few times they go out and learn so stick with it

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