Are you going to watch the Nationals on TV this weekend?

Question:I'm so excited!
The Ladies and Mens short programs are on Thursday from 9-12 on ESPN2, the Pairs Free and Ice Dancing Free Dance are on Friday from 1130pm-2am on ESPN2, the Ladies Freeskate Live will be on Saturday from 4-6pm on ABC, and the Mens Freeskate Live will be on Saturday from 11pm-1am on ESPN2!
Don't Miss It!


What are some classical pieces of music that make good figure skating program music?

La-Duh! I watched it last night and it was completely amazing! Evan Lysenchek was an amazing jumper!! And the last guy to skate Ryan, his jumps are high!

How do you prevent your ski/snowboard edges from rusting?

Yes. I am going to watch it,cause i love skating.

Do you have to buy skater shoes when you have a skateboard?

Of course I'm watching! I'm really excited too! I love watching the ladies and pair events.

What do you think about Janica Kostelic?

I am soo excited too. I will definatly be watching!

What are some good snowboarding boots for beginners?

I'm sooooo excited, too! I wish Michelle Kwan could be in it. Wait, is she goign to be in it? I'm really excited anyway! Oh, and I am sooo totallly gonna watch it!

Curling, the sport, lovers and haters please answer!?

oooooooooooffffffffffffffffff coarse!!!!!!!!...

What's the minimum amount of snow in which you can ski?

I hope I can!

My yamaha bravo snowmobile won't stay running?

I watched it..I never miss it, so exciting!!

Where's the best ski resort in the world?

Well, I can't because I'm from Italy, anyway I'm watching the European Championship. It's fantastic. I've just finished watching the second day of the dance and a French couple is at the top of the rank. There are two Italian couples. At 18.30 there will be the final of the men competition and there is Karel Zelenka for Italy, he won't win but he is very good (and also good-looking, he comes originally from Czech Republic so he is blond and I adore blond boys) and I hope he gets a medal.
I really love this sport!

Where will the 2010 Olympics be held?


Curling is canadian?

Of course, one of the pair skaters at my rink are going!! Look for Shauntel and Steven

Whats an onomatopoeia for skating?

of course. nationals is the highlight of the year.

Is there anywhere that buys snowboards, because I have a Ross Powers Autographed Burton And I need to sell it.


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