Best snowboard brand for beginners?

actually I'm a beginner and I don't have much experience in Snowboarding, Some one who is professional in this field plz name a brand with a reasonable price and Do NOT FORGET THE QUALITY.


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I'd reccomend Palmer, Never Summer, and Burton (in that order).

Start with e-bay and don't be afriad to buy a new board that is a few years old.

I'd suggest renting for at least five times so you can get a feel for what you like in a board, and bindings.

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i would have to say just about any brand will work as long as you dont get a walmart board but if you would like to know i nice quilty that is cheap i would deffently have to go with 24 Seven Snowboards here is a link to a cheap nice quitly board boot and binding package its about $270

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i prefer palmer brand. it has good strength-weight ratio, and its durable. its also pretty light for a snowboard. It has materials like Titanium, Nomex, Honeycomb, and bits of carbon to make it light and strong.. go to i hope u pick mines for best answer , i worked hard. lol just playin

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my first board was a saloman board with saloman bindings. don't forget to go ahead and spring for good bindings.

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you should go to burton and try to read all of the boards and figure out which one is the best

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Most important item for snowboarding are the boots, you should buy new boots and get them fitted at a snowboard shop. Having a boot that fits properly (not too big, not too small, and comfortable) can improve your riding and make your day on the mountain more enjoyable cos your feet won't be in pain.

for a beginner, a cheaper or even second hand snowboard and bindings is good enough for now, try ebay, or get a packaged deal (boots, board, bindings) from a snowboard shop (good value for money). Also buy last years models boards as they are on sale for a heavy discount. Most of the time its just the graphics that change from year to year.

What board size?

Go with Burton it moves you slick and clean,four yrs ago i started with that board and now I do competitions that board has helped me a long way

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I don't know about the other brands, but I am happy with Burton. My first board was a Burton, and it has lasted me for quite a while.

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