Any tips for mohawks?

I'm really afraid to do them without holding onto the wall!


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Start off really slow, Mohawks can be scary at first. The easiest way I can explain it is to start on the foot you want then rotate your upper body till its facing the other way until it would just be automatic to step backwards on the other foot. You can still do them by the boards so you get used to the feeling of going back and forth but also having someone hold you up while you're doing it is a good idea.

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actually how i got my mohawk, i pretended to completely forget and just practice other stuff and after i improved on other stuff, i went back to it and it was really easy.

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Don't think too hard about them, and when you do it just think of a slight transition between your feet. Keep Practicing!

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ooohh that was like the hardest thing I have ever learned. Give it some time. However, you will need to learn them becuase you will start doing combination moves with them

Good luck!

What should i do?

before you do mohawks, you should be able to glide on one foot confidently both forwards and backwards.

first, try gliding forward on an inside edge with your free leg extended behind you and turned out. practice this several times. when you're comfortable with that, set your free foot down, pick up your skating foot and glide...

hope this helps and good luck!

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Its Pimps! Just start with your right foot first ( if your right handed ) if your left handed start with your left foot first then just do what your coach tells you. If you dont have lessons of some sort, dont try you night end up fallin' over and almost killin' your self! lol
Good Luck xxx

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Well, what I do is if i'm doing a right mohawk, I always keep my right arm forward, if i'm doing a left mohawk, I will keep my left arm forward. You start to get in habit soon!

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Can you glide on 2 feet going forward and then turn on 2 feet going backward? A mohawk is the same thing - except you go forward on one foot and then backward with the other foot. I remember when I first saw someone do a mohawk - it looked "tricky". . . but once you get it you'll wonder what was the big deal!! You'll get it!

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try turning your hip and upper body before your blade
also heres a good thread with tips from a forum
remember, just keep practicing

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