Are there any well-known Christian/Jewish figure skaters, & who are they?

I just was wondering which elite (Novice, Junior, or Senior level) or famous figure skaters are Christians or Jews. I am a Christian, so it would be nice to know which ones share my faith, or share a very similar faith (Judaism). I do not mean to offend anyone, so don't bash me, please!


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Timothy Goebel used to pray before he started his program, right out there on the ice, which may indicate that he was religious.

Michael Weiss has skated to Christian music as a pro, so I'd guess he may be a Christian.

I believe I remember that Alexi Yagudin wore a crucifix while competing, but that doesn't always mean more than that.

And for people who are Jewish (although I have no idea if they are religious), there is Sasha Cohen, Sarah Hughes and Emily Hughes (whose mother is Jewish, and who were raised as Jews), Melissa Gregory (whose mother is Jewish, and father is Catholic), Jamie Silverstein, Ben Agosto (His mom is Jewish. He was not raised in any faith, and his dad is Puerto Rican, thus likely Christian.)

Many skaters from the former Soviet Union have Jewish roots, but many don't practice a religion. Oksana Baiul found out that some of her ancestors were Jewish - in fact, her father. I believe Irina Slutskaya's dad is Jewish. Alexi Yagudin, I believe, has Jewish ancestors. Maxim Staviski is of Jewish heritage.

Of course there are the Israeli skaters: Galit Chait and Sergei Saknovsky, and the Zaretskys.

BTW: Michelle's pendant is a Chinese character. It's called a "chop", and many people of Chinese decent wear them. I don't remember which character Michelle wears.

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Sasha Cohen is half Jewish, half Christian
Paul Wylie is a Christian

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I'm not exactly sure, but I know that Michelle Kwan always wears a red necklace with a gold pendant. Maybe that symbolizes a faith. I am Christian too, so no offense taken.

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Jesus was jewish, and I'm pretty sure he was a figure skater.

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in the the future, me!

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