Are dynastar nithin but trouble skis good park pipe skis for a begginner?


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Answered By: Fares Al-Sagri
Jan 21, 2007

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Why wont people get it out there minds the lengh of the board is not the most important thing ??

Pretty sure you mean "nothin but trouble". They're highly rated beginner skis that should be great pipe/park skis. I have seen them featured in many rental shops at many resorts. If you're a beginner, you might want to rent rather than buy, at first. If you reserve your skis in advance, you can often specify the ski you want. (also, a lot of ski rental places offer discounts for advanced online reservations.) In a sentence. go for it! Keep your tips up!

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If you're a beginner, then you have NO BUSINESS being in the park or pipe. Entering these areas will only make people pissed at you when you fall on the landing zones of the jumps and take 20 minutes to get up. Learn to ski first, then jib. Please don't be a total gaper.

I would like to know how the sport CURLING is played?

I own a pair of the Dynastar Nothing But Trouble skis and i can find any thing wrong with them. There great for beginners in the park if you can already ski pretty well and are not afraid of heights. There good for rails and gapping they have a good edge that lasts along time. I say go for it but don't hurt yourself!

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