Best hiking trail in winter?

hi- i am exhausted 23 yr old female who need time out from school/relationship. i decided to spend serveral weeks or months off from home and go either hiking or do something active. what would be the best hiking trail where is warm (doesn't need to be warm as long as it doesn't snow) and long, intensive trail that would take me for days? the location doesn't matter! thankyou!


Any recommendations on ski boots for a junior racer?

Well, most of my experience is in the US which is obviously cold presently.As is Europe. So you will have to get close to the Equator or to the Southern hemisphere. At that point it's a matter of time and budget.Patagonia is supposed to be amazing.And there's always Australia. Another question is what you mean by hiking? Rain forest trekking isn't hiking per se, but still amazing.What other activities interest you? There's good surfing going on.Well, good luck and have fun.I need a rely. break too-want company? lol

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