Are "Nitro" Snowboards any good?

I have previously had 2 Burton boards and a Ride board but i have never heard of Nitro. Are they good?


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Nitro is my board of choice, and I've ridden a LOT of boards. There is a huge reason: camber.

Nitro mills the camber into each and every board. This means that instead of wetting and bending the wood in the core, they cut the wood into the cambered shape that the board will have. This dramatically improves the lifetime of the board. Nitro backs this up with a 2-year warranty.

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Yeah they are very good they tended to make more freeride boards a few years back but do alot of freestyle stuff as well now, and they sponsor Mark Frank Montoya who is an awsome rider.

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yea nitro MFM board is amazing its wide and very good perfect for park


you've owned Burton and ride boards, stay away from nitro you wont like it. check out a neversummer or rome, both are top notch board manufacturers.

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