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What is it called when a skater lifts up one leg up in front of her while gliding? Also, can anyone reccomend music for a program?


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Are you talking about this spiral: http://www.sashacohen.com/skating.shtml... the second row on the right

I think that spiral is usually called a fan spiral, a sasha spiral, or a y-spiral, but a y spiral is usually when the skater grabs her blade. I'm not really sure though most people just call it a spiral variation

Music suggestions:
Suite from the Polar Express by Alan Silvestri
songs by the group Bond

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A peirouet or axle I think?

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I'm not sure but i think it's just a modifed spiral. its definitly not an axel as for music im skating to a lord of the rings and i really like it just don't skate to pink panther or pirates of the carribean lol those bore the judges!

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a pirouette isnt a skating move its a ballet move. an axel is a jump i believe what your describing is a spiral. and yes i know what your describing is not a spin. a spiral is not a spin it just has a weird name.

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I believe that that is just a differnet kind of a spiral.

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Charlotte Spiral: Also known as a "candlestick spiral”, the charlotte is a backward spiral performed on the flat of the blade. The skater bends down touching her forehead to her skating leg. Simultaneously, the free leg extends upward positioning the legs in a vertical split that resembles a tall, graceful candlestick. Often the skater touches the ice with one hand to establish balance when achieving the split position.
I beleive that the position you are speaking of is a variation of this spiral.
As for music, this website has everything! http://www.skatemusiclist.com/

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its a spiral variation and some good music is Roxanne and pink panther so doesnt bore the judges its a really good piece to skate to

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note: a pirouette is not just a ballet move, its an ice dance move (like a spin, but with only up to 3 rotations)

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It was invented by sasha cohen, I hear it being called a cohen spiral a lot of the time.

For those who have used Swix liquid glide?

sasha cohen invented this move. it is often called the fan spiral.


fan spiral

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