Switching to racing skis?

I just joined my ski team and its time for me to but knew skis anyway so i was wondering if i should invest in a pair of slalom racing skis. Ive never raced before and im nervouse that they're are going to feel very different than regular skis. What is the difference betweem them? Will it feel wierd skiing just for recreation?


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Race skis are going to be much, much stiffer than the regular skis you've been on. This means they will be more responsive, hold a better edge and have better feel then you are use to. However, they will be much more tiring to ski on, take more effort to ski on and punish you if you don't really drive them. As a recreational ski, I could never recommend a set of race skis.and your coach would freak if he/she caught you freeskiing on them.

If you are serious about racing then you should get them but they shouldn't be your only pair.

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I was in the same delema that you were in a few years ago. I bought the Rossignol 9X Oversize in length 182cm for GS. They are good skis in that they are a cross between a race skis and general recreational skis. They dont make that ski anymore, but Rossi does make something similar. I really enjoy my 9Xs thay make icy days a lot more fun, bombing down the hill at break kneck speeds. It great. I would talk to you coach before you buy anything, as he may know of some deal you can get or have some advice on what type of ski to get. Good luck and enjoy racing.

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Go for a pair of race ski's, but as was said earlier you need to be ontop of them all the time. If your not forward enough or fully committed to the turn, they will throw you. If your serious about the race team, get a good pair of race ski's and keep your old ski's for fun! Same can be said about the boots.

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is it slalom racing, or gs. that depends. dont worry about the feel, just get some feel for them and you'll b fine. as well, i ski on the Nortica 176. Race stock. beautiful

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