Are helmets required to snowboard?


I need a medium men's snowboard jacket. What is a good brand that is warm. Has to be under $130.00.?

Not required a but a real good idea.
Even got them with headphones or adaptable so you can add them easily.

Another tip...
Helmets are good in case you fall and smack your head.
You WILL fall and you WILL land on your knees and wrists. No if's, and's, or but's about it. Don't forget to protect them too. A good pair of wrist guards and knee pads are a good idea. Best gear I've bought and money WELL spent.

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Not on the ski resort itself, but in some terrain parks helmets may be required.

I would wear one anyway, not only does it protect your head against accidents it's sooooo much warmer than a hat.

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Not in a legal sense. But common sense dictates that a helmet is very nescesary.

You can get some very cool looking ones out there people won't call you a nerd.

Be safe man.

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No but it would be smart to wear one. Some guy came off a jump last year and landed on my Dad (white out conditions) it knocked him out cold ad he was kind of loopie for about 4 weeks. The doctor said a helmet would have helped protect his head.

Just think of it this way there are a lot of newbies and stupid people on the hill. Anybody could run in to you and hurt you.

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No but it would be safer to ride with a helmet.

I ski with a helmet and it sure is warm and with my tune-ups kits, my iPod rocks.

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no but it is definitly recommended. I learned without a helmet and once I started wearing one I had a lot more confidence. Better safe then sorry. Its the only piece of clothing that will protect you when you fall. Skiers hit trees, snowboarders tend to hit their heads on the ice when they fall backwards.

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