Any good but inexpensive ski jacket suggestions?


What do you think of snow-pants?

Two of my favorite sporting goods sites:

Also, the longer you wait, the more snow sport stuff will go on sale. So if you don't need the jacket ASAP, find a jacket you want and wait for it to go on sale.

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try backcountry outlet.

Where can i get kitted out with snowboarding gear without breaking the bank?

Now is a great time to pick up Columbia or Zero Exposure at Penneys or Sears. You can also get some good buys on Ebay, but BEWARE... lots of "knock-offs", especially for Spyder, TNF and others. Good, means arm-pit vents, snow skirts, and plenty of pockets. A jacket you can layer under for the colddest of ski days, and still wear it on milder days is a good thing, too.

Where is tourino?

Where can i buy all my ski bits from at a reasonable price?

Dick's Sporting Goods has lots of good jacket sales.

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If you already have a waterproof coat, simply wear lots of layers, including a fleece underneath that.

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Check out L L Bean to see if they are having any jackets on clearance. They make good stuff and back up their products. Compared to some other brand names, their stuff is actractively priced. They do not offer the most stylish stuff but it is affordable, functional and reasonable attractive.

More important than the jacket though is what you will wear under it. Make sure to get some good thermals (I recommend the silkweight Polartech available from L L Bean) and a fleece pullover. Avoid any cotton content at all costs. It is a horrible fabric for winter wear. It absords and retains moisture and looses it's insulating properties. Keep to synthetic materials or wool to keep dry and warm.

Combine these with your jacket and you will be toasty warm on all but the most brutally cold days.

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