Anyone been to the dry ski slope in Gateshead?

just wondering if the lessons there are any good as i cant get through on the phone. any info on days prices etc would be great


Will the Thistle curling club be rebuilt?

Whickham Thorns Outdoor Centre - Market Lane Dunston Gateshead NE11 9NX
Tel 0191 433 5767 Fax 0191 433 5766

Number of slopes: 1 Material: Dendix
Max width: 24m Max length: 40m
Beginner slope : Mogul run:
Snowboard pipe/ramp: Other:

Skiing lessons: Snowboarding lessons:

Beginner : Beginner :
Intermediate: Intermediate:
Advanced: Advanced:
Race training: Race training:

I do Ice skating and wanted to know tips on how to practice spins and jumps. Any tips?

are you talking about the one across the road from the metro centre? or is that not classed as gateshead?? anyway, the one across the road from the mc is good, the people there are friendly, and the slope is not too big for beginners so that when you get better you can move onto a different slope

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