Any tips for a hurting hip?

Question:I figure skate and for a few weeks now my hip has been hurting alot especially when I do spirals or the splits. My office coach thinks I may have pulled something in it because she had it once. Does anybody know how I can help it without having to stop my training?
I have a competition coming soon!


Skiing help??

The most important thing is to get plenty of rest. This helps your body recover.

I would apply heat to it for five minutes, then for five more minutes massage it and gently stretch it. Repeat until the pain lessens. You should also apply a healing ointment, such as Skater's Bum.
Good luck!

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I think your doctor (general practitioner) would prescribe giving your hip a rest or a pain killer; an orthopedic surgeon would want to conduct surgery, and a friend (who has your best interests at heart) would recommend giving your hip a break by taking it easy for a while.

As for the competition, I'd pass on it this time around. That is unless you want to give the competition an advantage over you. If I were a competitive skater, and I knew you that you are suffering from a bad hip, I would be thrilled. I'd also hope that you would continue with your training so that your body wouldn't have a chance to repair the damage naturally. Your body will do that if you give it a chance by giving your training a rest for a while.

In the end, it's your choice though. Personally, I'd lay back for a while. There will always be another competition. You don't have to participate in the next one. It can wait until later.

But then, if you are fiercely competitive and just can't stand the thought of passing up a competitive event (even if you are at a disadvantage), then go for it, because when you think about it, there will also always be hip replacements that can be done for people who have a very strong drive to compete and want to do so no matter what.

But to net it out, my advice as an old man is look out for yourself now by giving your body a break, and thereby improving your chances of winning a competition later.

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I'm afraid that the only thing that'll help is rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, and rest. I recently sprained my ankle and it forced me to spend a couple of weeks off of the ice, and I would have had a lot of trouble if I had kept skating. Now, almost two months later, it's still giving me some trouble because I was too eager and got on the ice sooner than I should have.

You could risk tearing a ligament, and this causes serious surgery to replace it. Somebody at my rink had this happen and she literally couldn't move her leg until the surgery was done. I would recommend taking a Thursday and Friday off, possibly Wednesday as well, that would give you a four or five day rest. Get back to the ice on Monday and see how it feels. While you are resting, try to move as little as possible. Don't go anywhere unless you need to. And school is inexcusable, I'm afraid. Stay on the couch unless you have to go to the bathroom, and see if you can get your family members to get you your food.

I hope you recover in time for your competition!

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