Best ski resort in the Southeast?

Question:We are looking for somewhere that we can drive to from Florida. We usually go out West but are curious to what are the best ski resorts nearer to us?

They have to allow snowboarding as well! Thanks!


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Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia. I live in western N.C. and I often go to Sugar Mountain resort here but if you are used to the large resorts out west, Snowshoe would be the closest to that.

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snowshoe like they are saying above is very good, that is were most people from SC go to for ski trips with church, school, etc.
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Depending on how far you want to travel Vermont has some good mountains like Jay Peak, Sugarbush, Smuggler's Notch. New Hampshire has Loon Mtn. Bretton Woods, Wateville Valley. In Florida I think the nearest you'll find is Disney World.

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Chattaloochee (North Carolina)
Banner Elk North Carolina has a lot of ski hills (beech, sugar, hawksnest)
Snowshoe (West Virginia)

What are the best snowboard brands?

Beech Mountian in NC and Winterplace WV are both great ski resorts

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