How do i help my friend be strong?

My friend and I love to figure skate. Everytime she falls when she does sprirslals, walz jumps and other things. I know that some falls can really hurt evan on the easy stuff. I want to help her, because we are going in a competion soon and i know she will cry if she messes up or i place higher, i would do the same but not in front of people. Only if she places higher than me. Do you have any thing that will help? Thank You!!


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Tell her as long as she tries her best and has fun...that's all that counts. Tell her not to worry about what place she comes or what the other skaters long as she enjoys doing the sport she loves!!
Nice of you to care about her feelings...your a good friend!!

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show your friend that you support her. Let her know that everyone falls once in a while. Or a lot of times. Practice with her. Run through her routine. Make her feel confident. If she is confident that she can and will do well, then she won't make as many mistakes, and won't be as hurt if she does fall or place lower than you.

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Encourage yo friends and let dem no u r there 4 dem. CHICK

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the only thing i can suggest is if you bring someone in who knows how to figure skate, that is able to help her. by bringing in someone that can, you will not only see an improvement but a confidence boost. make sure you get them in right now though. if your friend asks, tell her you brought them in to help her with her spirals, jumps, and anything else she needs help in.

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talk to her and make her feel special.

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Definately try to learn to encourage each other but most of all create an atmosphere between the two of you that supports the performance and not the placement. It's vital that you both concentrate on the skate and the enjoyment of the sport, and not on the placement of any single competition.
Hope it all turns out well for you two!

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help her practice!

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