Assembly of a snowboard?

Question:I bought this do it yourself kit, where you have to apply the layers of the board and.
Just joking.

I just want to know three things
1: Is there anything I need to do when installing my bindings to the board, like put something between the board and the binding?
2: How do I know what angle degree to put on the bindings in relation to the board? DO i just guess.
3: There are several options as far as holes to use for the bindings, how do i know whilce ones to use, or just what seems good?


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As far as your stance set up goes your feet should be shoulder width apart and centered on your board. You want to have the same amout of nose as you do tail. If you set the bindings too far back(on the last holes) that is more of a set up for powder. Setting up your bindings is a personal comfort thing, trial and error really. Whatever you do dont keep both your bindings at the zero mark on the base plate. Try your front foot @ 10 degrees and your back @ -5 to start and play around from there, and for gods sake adjust your highbacks in so you are not going down the hill looking like one of those straight legged,counter rotating beginners who have never had a lesson. When you put the bindings to your board you dont need anything under them, but when you tighten the screws tighten them in a criss cross order and tighten them gradually.

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Good one.
1. Nope just put your bindings directly on the deck.
2. Ride what you like. Stand on your board with out the bindings in and see that is comfortable to you. There is no right or wrong answer its what feels good to you.
3. Once you get the distance apart you like set the bindings on the deck, place the disk on and take a look through the Hole pattern. Drop the screws in the the holes and find the corresponding holes on the deck.

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1. can bolt your bindings directly to the board. In fact, unless you got longer screws, putting something between them might reduce the number of threads that are actually "screwed into" your board which increases the chances they might tear out

2. Before you put on your bindings, just stand over your board and put your feet on them like you are riding and look down and see where your feet are. This is probably your natural position and you can go from there (i.e. duck foot it a little for freestyle riding, etc.)

3. Same goes for stance width. The average stance (distance between the centers of the bindings) for most people typically ranges between 18" and 24". Keep in mind that widening your stance tends to give you more control (and also helps you grab) in the park, but you will probably get tired faster as your muscles will have to do more work. Given your stance with I would start with my bindings centered on the board (same distance from the nose and tail) and then adjust it if I need to. This should be okay for most types of riding. For example, you can choose to shift them back a little if you are riding deep pow.

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Take to a sport chalet or chicks or local shop/rental store in the mountains and they will assemble it to your specifications well for you.

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you dont need to put anything on the board. most people have their bindings mounted at 15 degrees.

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