Question:when i was learning how to snowboard, i fell about a catrillion times. i noticed that my elbow started to hurt everytime i fell. its a little more than a week and a half later and it still hurts. what should i do?

ps. it was worth it because now i can turn from toeside to heelside and vice versa and all that jazz.


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thats good news on your progress.

Ice it 15 minutes on, 45 minutes off, then 15 minutes on every day.

If you have a jacuzzi, going in that will help you as well.

I know it sounds lame, but wrist guards/tape wrists or elbow braces will help you while snowboarding.

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use padding or extra padding

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You should go see a doctor.
Keep up the good work with snowboarding ( although you shouldn't until you get that elbow checked out, cuz if it still hurts then it could be serious).

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Get it checked by an Orthopedist. I hurt my should snowboarding nine years ago (I dislocated it) and it just kept getting worse and worse until I had to have surgery to fix it last year.

I waited till the summer though so I could be ready for this winter!

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find some good drugs--it's a snowboarder stereotype anyway. : )

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dont be a wus and let it hell

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