Any tips on these moves??

Question:I want to learn these things...
Forward Spiral (I can pretty much do this.)
Waltz jump
Toe loop
Scratch Spin
3 turns

Any tips? Thanks!


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umm a forward spiral keep your leg straight and dont lean forward to much and practice doing it off the ice (do not hang onto anything when doing it off ice) or if u really wanted u could put ur skates on and do it off ice with them on so u get a better feel of it.
a waltz jump make sure your jumping straight bend your leg when you jump make sure your arms go with the jumpdont lean forward when u land and thats about it
toe loop when u turn wait a second or 2 b4 u jump when going into it curve on ur left then go on ur right turn and jump.
scratch spin bend into it keep your foot straight out inbetween completely infront of you and to the side stay in that poition until u center also keep your arms out then once ur centered pull ur foot and arms in and keep the spin going as long as u can.
3-turns just turn i cant really give u advice on them make sure your standing up straight good posture.

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for descriptions and some videos, check out

1. forward spiral: basically it helps if you bring your foot back and then let your upper body go forward. also keep your head up and it keeps you from falling forward over your toe pick.

2. waltz jump: make sure to keep your head and upper body up and smile. (and yes, the smile does make a difference.)

3. toe loop: you should be pretty good with your waltz jump before you try this. although it's a full-rotation jump, it will probably start out feeling pretty much like a waltz jump. especially make sure you're comfortable gliding backwards on your landing edge (right back outside if you jump counterclockwise).

4. scratch spin: make sure you stay down in your knees. when you step into the spin, make sure you're on a deep enough edge and stay on it long enough for the 3 turn to happen before you bring your free foot around and spin.

5. 3 turns: keep your free foot close to your ankle. bend your knees before you turn, come up as you turn, and then bend them again as you check your rotation.

hope this helps and good luck with your skating!

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try getting a book they relly help and waltz jump remember is only a half of a turn

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I say look into getting into a group class (unless you can afford getting private lessons). You can watch videos and learn . . . but you should really get an instructor to help you to do them correctly (and you'll progress a lot faster this way . . . you will look and feel better about what you do too).

There are some things you cannot do unless you know certain moves first. Waltz jump you can probably do. But you need to know how to do an inside 3 turn before you do a toe loop for the entrance. You should be able to do a one-foot spin before doing an actual scratch spin, but for the entrance, knowing how to do a 2 foot spin first, or 3 turns, or even short back crossovers.

There is somewhat of an "order" in which all the moves are learned . . . learn each step well before going on to the next. And when you do, you will have learned a whole lot more by the time you check off all the moves on your list here! Good luck!

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