Any opinions on these snowboards?

Question:I'm new to riding, mostly freeride. 5'8" 165lbs
I've narrowed down my choices to:
Ride Prophet/
Burton Seven/ or
Rome Anthem..

Any opinions or suggestions?


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All these boards are good but the Burton seven is more freestyle orientated and i think the Ride prophet is also. The Rome anthem is more of an all rouned board and is very similar to a Burton custom in fact some people think they are the same boards. This could be true as the guys who run Rome originally came from Burton. As you are looking for more a freeride board i would go for the Rome anthem but to be honest all these boards would be suitable for both freeride and freestyle.

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I'd go with a stiff board if you're new to riding and doing freeride. I'm guessing that the Ride's stiffer than the Burton. Haven't heard of the Rome Anthem.

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Personally i dont care if youre new or not... its up to you if you want a good board or not. How many years? Are a total newb or have a few years under you belt? Just think about this too, when do you think you're going to get another board? If not for a couple years... just get a good board now and save yourself the trouble in a year or two. I've always been a fan of Forum boards. My buddy just got a 156 Forum Destroyer for about 200 on Ebay. That board is sick. I bought my 157.5 Jeremy Jones for a lot more but his is a nice damn board. I threw some Burton P1 Carbon bindings on mine so overall... my setup is SICK! Just make sure you do your research before buying so you dont regret it later on. Ride onnnnnnnnn!!!

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ive ridden the burton products for over 18yrs. customer service is the best in the industry. They test the board way before it hits the production line...i havent had a de-lam yet...freerider..ol skool

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