Big Snowboarding Problem. Please Help?

Aight, so i'm about to go snowboarding on saturday. i got the base of my board all cleaned of old wax and ready to put on new wax... the problem is, my brother brought me the wrong wax from home. he brought my sex wax surf wax.. NOW WHAT? we have no ski/board shops in town here and i'm wondering any alternatives to do, or if i should pick some rub on wax on the way to the resort. please help me out fella's!


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Just curious.. where you boarding at? If you have no wax on your board at all... you're going to want to get to the mountain early and have them wax it at the board shop there. Most resorts will and should have a board shop ready to wax. But they usually cost more on the mountain.. I'd go to a Sport Chalet, Chick's, or Sports Authority.

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you can get your board waxed on the mountain...all resorts have a place...check the board shop or somthing around there...there is a place to get it done i promise... but it will cost a few bucks

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get it done on the hill if you cant in town rub wax goes to quick youll be the lagger all day and you dont wanna be that guy

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go with the rub on wax, i would only use the sex wax if the snow is really wet, but if you use the sex wax make sure you scrape it off after your done, then get the real stuff. but for now, use the rub on wax

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I would just go early and get it done near the mountain. There are bound to be a few shops in town that charge less than at the mountain itself.

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buy some "Glide" at the rental shop...or cough up the cash for a quik tune/wax at the mountian.and before you leave buy SWIX they have been the FOUNDATION of wax since day ONE

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