Are LTD snowboards a good brand of board?

this is the first time im buying a snowboard and i ws wondering if that brand was good. im buying it on the internet.


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LTD are basically known as a budget snowboard company makeing and selling boards cheaper than most other brands. They are an ok make but to be honest there are alot better brands out there. I wouldent recommend buying off the internet unless you are100% sure of what you actually want, as if you get the wrong board for you, you will find it a nightmare to ride. If its your first time buying a board you are better off buying from a proper snowboard shop where they can give you advice and sort you out with a board that would suit your height, weight, style of riding and level of riding. I would imagine as its your first board that you are a begineer rider some good begineer boards that you could look into are Ride Vista, K2 Skyla, Sapient Fluid, Burton Feather all these boards are easy to learn on but also quite progressive so will last you a while.

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Not particularly. It depends what you want to do, but I don't think that brand is very good. try Salomon, Burton, Lib Tech, Gnu... most of the stuff you can buy at a generic sports store like Sports Authority is not good. Hope this helps! Also, you can buy some used boards that are only one or two seasons old, save $, and that way you can discover what type you like without shelling out a bunch of cash. You can also try renting different brands until you find one you like.

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Wow i oghhta check this category more often, people post a lot of snowboarding questions here. you know it has its own category right? LTD is very low quality compared to most snowboard brands such as Burton, Rome, and GNU. However they get you from point A to B on the mountain and they cost less. As a starter board, I'd say go ahead and buy the LTD. But if and when you become really serious about snowboarding, you oghhta look into a more expensive, higher quality board. I suggest Rome because they have excellent boards, and don't cost as much as some other companies like Burton. Rome snowboards are especially good if you ride park like I do.

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