Advice on snowboarding.?

I'm able to do this uber sport for 5 years thanks to the support of my family. The thing is, we are not super rich so i can only do this max. a week per year. Sad isnt it? Anyway, i like the mountain air, mountain energy, mountain people soo much that i can spend all my life up at the peaks. But i just don't know where to start. I turned 17 this year and i wonder whether i'm too late to start building a carreer? Anybody who knows where i can find competions to enter, people to impress(prefaribly with money in their pockets) can be of great help to me. (Keep in mind i live in Turkey)


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to be able to live off of boarding you have too be amazing like really awesome

if your not at a standard by seventeen am guessing it will be harder for you to get spoted as you will be hitting the same tricks kids at 12 and 13 are doing

but if its your dream really work on your tricks make sure there done with style enter losts of comps make a video of your self and send them off to companies

but remeber there are loads of jobs you can doo related too snowboarding

as i no am not amazing at slopestyle i went down the route of becoming an instuctor

i get to ride all the time and help people just look at your choices =]


Money in the bank?

Just keep in mind that you ogghta snowboard to snowboard and not to get a job. With that said, enter competitions. the more you place well in, the better a chance you have. There are also carriers in snowboarding without getting sponsored. I want to own snowboard company (hopefully) or if that doesn't work out, a really good snowboard shop.

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dude i dont think you can get good enough to be sponsored when you are just starting at age 17
but if you are determined take a certain amount of money that you make every week/month and put it in a jar save up get a good set up and some lessons go to a big resort that has some contests (check the website of the resort) and shred get a little cash and work you way up
contact snowboard brands and ask if they are looking for a new team rider if so tell em to meet u at your resort and show em what u got, a note: dont do what i just said until you get really good
good luck
PS ask your resort about some type of sponsorship

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You don't have to be a pro-rider to work in the snowboard industry. If all you want to do is ride you might want to consider taking some time off and getting a job a local mountain. You could take some classes to be an instructor or maybe even ski patrol (umm board patrol), heck I'm pretty sure that even the lift line guys get free season passes at most mountains. Or you can finish school and work on getting a career working for a snowboard company. I'm pretty sure that even the accountants at Burton get free season passes to their local mountain.

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