Big mountian or terrain parks?

does it seem like most snowboarders work to get good enough for the terrain park (half pipe, rails, jumps, etc.) then stop doing big mountian (just plain old runs)? I


Where are the best sledding hills in springfield ma area?

i like the terrain parks better, not so monotonous

What are the best (new) resort, all-mountain telemark skis for a pretty aggressive skier?

I'm all for big mountains and exposure - there's nothing better than riding above the treeline or carving the rim of some huge bowls, but I also love to take a break and work on my rails in the park. You gotta mix it up from time to time... But if I had to make a choice, I'd take the mountain anyday...

Have any of you seen the Blades of Glory Movie Trailer (It's a movie about ice skating) ?

I like to haul *** on the reagular runs. i will take any jumps on my way down but im not really into terrain parks

Snowboard Size?

If you ride all the mountain there is so much natural terrain park you don't need to go into the park.What some people do is catch the chair up and ride down to the park and do it for a bit and then do some real riding on the big stuff.

Anyone ever ski/board Pebble Creek Ski Area near Pocatello, Idaho?

Yeah I have noticed that also. I love the terrain park but I like to spend at least the same amount of time on the regular runs if not more time than I spend in the terrain park.

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