Barbara Ann Scott?

Question:Hi, i'm doing a project based on Barbara Ann Scott, yes it really does suck - a lot.
I have to find out pretty much everything about her,
I have most of the information now, and I'm almost done,
but I was wondering if anybody else knows any interesting facts on her,
or if you guys have any good sites I should look at.
Thanks so much,
oh I already have information on her championships / acheviments, but not that much information on her family background,
or information on her herself,
no site I've been to has any of that information,
it would be great if you could help.


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I watched a Life and Times episode about her and I've actually met her in person

>dolls were made in her image
> she is pretty much the best Canadian Ladies Single Skater
>she was the first to land a double lutz in competition
>at age 10 she was the youngest person to complete all the figure tests
and I won't say anymore because then I'd be repeating some of the stuff form these
and if your trying google to get websites type in "Barbra Ann Scott figure skater (or skating)" I got more links from that

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You should try looking her up on Wikipedia.

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