Beginner: Snowboarding at night?

Question:My friends and I will be heading off to Mt Hood Meadows and it'll be my first time snowboarding. The lessons begin at 6:00pm and by then it'll be dark. How much more difficult is it to learn during the night?

Also, is it a lot less busy during the night (particularly the beginner runs)?


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Chances are that it'll be difficult either way. One problem with night is that you might not be able see a tree or a tree stump. I'm sure that if you avoid the black diamonds, you should be ok. Another problem with night is that you may not be able to see how the snow is. Powder and ice will give you headaches but once again, you can avoid them by steering clear of the black diamonds. I would assume that the begginers runs should be less crowded at night because i doubt most begginners would risk night sessions. Some distractions during night snowboarding may make it a little bit more tedious. I shouldn't have to mention to not look directly at the lights. Luckily it'll probrably much more memorable snowboarding at night than in the day. Some advice is to buy a ski mask (the same ones that bank robbers use). You will have no idea how much warmer and more comfortable you'll be with a ski mask. On top of that, if you plan on doing any more night snowboarding, you should consider buying clear goggles instead of the standard amber color. Like everyone said, dress warmly and don't give up after your first trip.

P.S. I almost forgot to mention that in some resorts (Maybe not yours, I've never been to Mt. Hood) they close certain trails at night. Like i said, this may not be true with yours but you should keep it in mind.

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well the slope may be more icey but meadows is realy well lit so good luck.

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They have lights on the slopes.

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First Time Fun - With the high-intensity lamps available today most of the terrain under the lights is well lit, and instructors will probably have fewer pupils and can offer more personal coaching. Not many people remember their first time on skis but if you did it under the stars, you won't forget it.

Tips for Night Skiing

Dress Warmly - Dress in layers, and plan on at least ten degrees colder when the sun goes down - not counting the wind factor.

Ski With a Friend - Even though the skiable terrain is well lit the nearby woods are not and you always want someone to know where you are.

Check Your Car - If you will be driving home after skiing make sure your lights and battery are ready for the trip.

Know the Skier Responsiblity Code - Follow it double at night. That shadow could be another skier.

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WARNING: snowboarding sucks your first day or night


you will love it after that. Have a good time. You dont need to spend money on lessons. Just have your friends teach you. Its not hard to pickup. Just dont quit after your first time

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From oregon, ill be at willamette pass on sat. meadows should be great. LOTS!! of fresh powder though,...not ideal for beginning rider. Stay on the groomed runs, and youll do fine. The lesson is a great idea! You will be falling on your butt a Whole! lot,so the soft powder will be good in that sense....have fun!

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i dont reccomend learning at night. its colder, its harder to see the snow, its icier, windier. its not safe. its better to learn during the day when it is bright and sunny so you can the snow conditions. if you fall it wont be as cold. and you will be falling unfortunately. it can be less busy at night, but its still not worth it. go early in the morning when they open, it will actually be less crowded than night.

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Go for it mate.Your first time snowboarding will be so much fun.Pain the next day but it is well worth it.The slopes are so well litat night so have fun.Listen to your instructor,he is there for a reason.

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I never been there or NIGHT snowboarding(I snowboard though). If they have lights it shouldn't be a problem. Watch out for trees and poles and any dropoffs going of the side of the mountain. It will probly be more fun though. Less crowded too. Good luck. Go to for tips.

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night ridiing is more fun cause u got that uncertanty in between the lights. cause its a little dark in bettween each light. but its not that hard. and meadows is pretty mellow in the begginner areas so u should be fine. except if u loose the keys to ur ride in the snow like we did

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